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Euharlee Municipal Court


Laura Cantrell,
Municipal Court Clerk

Laura has been with the City of Euharlee since January 2012. She oversees the facilitation of Euharlee Municipal Court; a misdemeanor court that has jurisdiction over city ordinance violations and traffic offenses; she is responsible for the entry of pending and adjudicated cases.

Laura is excellent in making every effort to provide the best customer service when dealing with elected officials, judges, attorneys and the general public.

Ms. Cantrell can be reached at 770-386-1542 or lcantrell@euharlee.com.

How Can We Help?

If a citation is received in Euharlee and the offender does not wish to contest the citation, the fine may be paid in person, via cash or money order by the court date. Some citations require court appearances, depending upon the charge. Call 770-386-1542, ext 2009 for information and/or fine amount.

If pleaded guilty and fine is paid, the offender’s driving history will reflect a conviction for the offense(s) charged. If mailing payment, please mail seven days prior to the court date to ensure timely receipt.

The mailing address is: Euharlee Municipal Court, 30 Burge’s Mill Rd. Euharlee, Georgia 30145.

You may choose to pay the citation online at euharleepayments.com . If the fine is not paid, nor appearance in court is made, a bench warrant for arrest may be issued. An additional $100 fee will be added to these fines for “Failure to Appear”, and/or the offender’s license may be suspended. Please see www.dds.ga.gov or call 678-413-8400 for more information.