Our Mission

The Mission of the City of Euharlee is to promote and improve the quality of community life by working in partnership with residents, business owners, and visitors to provide a safe, friendly, healthy, community atmosphere.

Euharlee City Hall

Our Vision

  • Embrace a vision of opportunity
  • Recognize and protect the three tenets of the city: Historic Preservation, Conservation and Recreation
  • Provide a safe and inviting community
  • Execute responsibly, reliably, and efficiently to a common vision
  • Build an inclusive environment with opportunities for all
  • Encourage and solicit open communication and participation among employees, citizens, business owners, and visitors
  • Provide a family friendly community with solid values and a caring spirit
  • Promote economic vitality
  • Strategically position Euharlee for the future by supporting planned growth

Our Values

  • Exercise Leadership
  • Serve the Public in a Fiscally Responsible Manner
  • Illustrate Honest and Effective Government
  • Practice a Positive Work Environment
  • Represent a Commitment to Excellence
  • Foster Community Pride
  • Create and Implement an Ongoing Long Range Vision
  • Exhibit a Quality Work Design
  • Exceed Service Demands by Performing Exceptional Customer Service
  • Preserve and Enhance the Natural Beauty of our Environment
  • Encourage a Vibrant and Diversified Economy
  • Develop Partnerships
  • Value Tactful, Useful Information
  • Provide Honest Communication Internally and Externally
  • Offer a Listening Ear for Needs of Others

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